Fine Art Miracles, Inc.  (FAM) is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and also serving Erie and Harrisburg as well as Rochester and Buffalo, New York. FAM serves people of all ages with challenges, through fine art classes, music therapy, multi-sensory sessions and social robotics. Initially formed as an organization to serve elderly residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities with fine art lessons, in April of 2013 FAM decided to expand its target base to include children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities including individuals on the autism spectrum, the homeless, veterans, economically challenged families; basically, anyone experiencing difficulty with the activities of daily living. This led to FAM’s mission expanding, bringing the benefits of emerging technology out of the research world and to the greater public.


FAM Territory

FAM Territory

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Our History

Founder and CEO, Tess Almendarez Lojacono received her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. Uniquely qualified to direct the daily operations of the company, Tess’s expertise is in art, business management and working with various special needs groups. Fine Art Miracles was created in February 2007. Initially conceived as an organization dedicated to serving the elderly in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, FAM incorporated as a nonprofit organization and headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA on January 1, 2013. The organization gained additional teachers, and increased its client base to 80 nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Pittsburgh, PA, 65 facilities in Buffalo, NY, 23 facilities in Rochester, NY and 4 facilities in Hilton Head, SC. Musical experiences were added to the menu of services in Buffalo and Pittsburgh in March of 2013 and FAM began offering interactive sing-alongs (of special interest to Memory Care clients) and classical music concerts. Today FAM uses Board Certified Music Therapists and Art Therapists as well as Art and Robotic Teachers, and we serve more than  220 client facilities in the greater Pittsburgh area, a dozen each in Harrisburg and Erie, PA; 78 client facilities in Buffalo and 35 in Rochester, NY; and  4, in Hilton Head, SC.

In April 2013 Fine Art Miracles extended its target market to include more special needs groups.  The services of Art Therapists and Music Therapists were retained for this purpose and many new client facilities scheduled classes, including: The Gatehouse Program and FireFly Camp, both programs of the Spina Bifida Association of Western PA, providing a structured, safe and supportive environment for individuals to successfully make the transition into adult life; Mercy Behavioral Health, a private organization serving individuals with various disabilities in community settings throughout Southwestern PA; Verland, Parents in Toto, Community Human Services, and many others. After completing a pilot program for Carnegie Mellon University using a Romibo robot (in 2013): Art & Social Robot Therapy For Children on the Autism Spectrum, FAM began to offer Social Robot Enhanced Learning for challenged and neuro-typical children. Clients for Social Robot Programming have included Parents In Toto, Schenley Heights Community Development Program, The Neighborhood Academy, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, the St. Anthony Schools, New Story, the Hope Learning Center, Allegheny Intermediate Unit’s Pathway Program and their DART Program, serving early learners with challenges.  Proving once again, that Robotics, like Art, is for everyone!


CEO Tess & COO Frank with Romibo's at CreateFest 2015

CEO Tess & COO Frank with Romibo’s at CreateFest 2015