Multi-Sensory Sessions for Alzheimers & Dementia

Adding our Robot-Pet Friends!

Along with new sensory coverings and our new social robot, Hugo, FAM has introduced robotic pets to our Multi-Sensory Sessions.  To our great delight, even the most stubborn resident softens with a lovely cat or a sleeping puppy to cuddle:




 Multi-Sensory Sessions for People With Alzheimers and Dementia

Experience has taught us that we can’t just continue trying to pull Memory Care residents into our world in an effort to get them to do something that makes sense to us, but rather, we need to find ways to enter their world and journey with them where they are.  Therefore, Fine Art Miracles, Inc. now offers a Multi-Sensory experience, combining aroma therapy, soft background music (harp, cello, etc.), a sensory covering (like an activity blanket, but with memory inducing themes), and a social robot (to stimulate memory and conversation). These activities provide in the moment engagement, which our pilot program demonstrated has the following benefits:
– Aroma therapy relieves stress and stimulates memories,
– Music relieves stress and stimulates memories,
– Sensory Coverings stimulate memories and conversation; help with range of motion and fine and gross motor skills, visual stimulation, and verbalization;
– Smaller groups of participants allow for one-on-one, in the moment engagement;
– Social Robots decrease inhibition, provide companionship and memory stimulation, increase verbalization and they bring out a maternal/nurturing spirit; and,
– Participation in regular Multi-Sensory sessions produces lasting reductions in stress and inhibition, allowing residents to move more easily into their next purposeful activities throughout the day.
With the generous support of the Jewish Health Care Foundation and the Buhl Foundation, FAM completed a pilot program, testing and evaluating methodology, documenting results and developing best practices.  FAM designed dozens of sessions in a series of 6 months of weekly visits to two Memory Care sites.  Each session has a theme and an array of sensory items, music, aroma, a themed sensory covering and a Romibo robot, programmed with appropriate conversation. Designed to work with a small group of people, 4 – 5 maximum, a session can last from 20 minutes to one hour.

Fine Art Miracles, Inc. is now offering Multi-Sensory Sessions for People With Alzheimers and Dementia to Memory Care facilities everywhere.

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