Romibo is a social robot. Both challenged and neuro-typical children alike are able to focus for longer periods of time when engaged with the robot. Romibo can move around, offer information, ask questions and he can track the eyes of whomever is talking with him. He is a wonderful aide in the classroom, especially for children on the autism spectrum who have difficulty feeling comfortable interacting with people, but have shown great improvement with social behavior when working with Romibo.  We have found him so effective that Fine Art Miracles has expanded its robotic efforts, adding a social robot component to any subject matter, in what we call: Social Robot Enhanced Learning!

Social Robot Enhanced Learning combines robotics with social and academic skills to create the perfect STEAM opportunity—very effective for early learners; particularly Pre-K to Grade three.

Romibo keeps kids smiling in the classroom at

Romibo keeps children smiling at Providence Connections

Why robots? 

Because scientific studies show that all children benefit from working with a social robot in the following ways:

1) Increased attention span and focus, which leads to greater task completion,
2) Decreased inhibition, which leads to more creative problem solving,
3) Increased verbalization and peer socialization, which enhances team building,
4) A positive introduction to robotics, which inspires children to consider additional STEAM education and careers, and:
5) Social robots level the playing field for all capabilities, which helps to create more inclusive classrooms and more inclusive communities.

Currently we are concentrating on literacy and social skills lessons.  Literacy, because if children are not able to read by the second grade, they begin to fall behind, and recovery is difficult if even possible.  And we teach social skills because many children have difficulty navigating the new physical and social setting of school. Romibo helps them to learn the rules, get along with peers, feel comfortable in their surroundings and overcome fears, so that these small hurdles don’t become barriers to learning.

FAM designs all interactions and programs robots with information, questions for the children and fun conversation, including games like I Spy and Simon Says, which Romibo calls: Romibo Says.


Romibo was  featured on the “Working Robots” episode of Xploration Earth 2050:



 Romibo made a new friend at the Millvale Community Library–we love Millvale!


Romibo made lots of new friends at the Schenley Heights Community Development Program, in Pittsburgh, PA…






…and at Winchester Thurston School in Pittsburgh as well…


Romibo Visits Winchester Thurston Middle School!