FAM-Logo_+_Text-1Welcome to Fine Art Miracles, where we specialize in classes for those faced with life’s challenges, whether physical, intellectual, emotional or circumstantial, who want the freedom to explore their creativity in a safe and fun environment. All classes are designed for all levels of capability. Our goal is to serve you with educational, affordable fine art lessons, art therapy, music, and social robot enhanced learning.

Dedicated to Serving the Elderly

Fine Art Miracles has been teaching art classes in nursing homes and assisted living facilities since 2007 when the organization was founded. The FAM teachers bring a wide variety of activities to groups in these facilities across Pittsburgh, Rochester and Buffalo. Their activities draw on subjects from nature, portraiture and styles from the art masters such as Klimt, Picasso, Kandinsky and Mondrian. Residents are able to explore their creativity and truly enjoy the pieces they create.




Classes for Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled Individuals

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Fine Art Miracles, Inc. brings the social, emotional and cognitive benefits of fine art experiences to special needs populations by engaging them in fine art lessons, art therapy, music and social technology.  FAM’s Art Therapists provide creative expression classes, utilizing a blend of Art Therapy and the FAM method of inspiring with works of a master artist.  Instructors then encourage the participants to get as creative (and as messy!) as they wish.  The results are amazing!


Social Robot Enhanced Learning

Fine Art Miracles  works with both  challenged and neuro-typical children alike, with the help of a robot named Romibo. The Romibo robot can move around, speak and ask questions, respond to touch and track the eyes of the person speaking to him. He is a wonderful aide in the classroom, especially for children on the autism spectrum who have difficulty feeling comfortable interacting with people, but have shown great improvement with social behavior when engaging with Romibo.

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Fine Art Miracles, Inc. is proud to announce that we were chosen as one of 75 finalists in the Pittsburgh Technology Council DATA Awards Summit, showcasing how art and technology can be combined to make the world a better place!

Fine Art Miracles, Inc. designs Social Robot Enhanced Lessons for all subject matter: art, literacy, social skills, simple math and science.  We work with schools, community service organizations, parents and caregivers to create fun and motivating learning experiences.

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