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March Featured Lesson

Acrylic painting of a small structure surrounded by multi-colored hills.

Jackson Pollock: Landscapes

Jackson Pollock was born in Cody, Wyoming in 1912. He was an influential American painter and a major contributor to the abstract expressionist movement. He began to study painting in 1929 at the Art Students’ League in New York. While he experimented with several different styles of painting, he is most well known for “action painting.” Instead of painting on an easel, Pollock taped his canvas to the floor then would stand above his canvas and literally drip and splash paint from a can onto the canvas.

Though he was subject to much criticism, by the 1960s he was recognized as the most important figure in the most important movement of this century of American painting. No. 5, 1948 is currently the most expensive painting ever sold for approximately $150.6 million adjusted US dollars. Visit jacksonpollock.com for more information and artwork.

February Featured Lesson

A coloring book page of daisies and poppies in a vase.

Vincent Van Gogh: Romantic Florals

March 30th, 1853 is the birthday of the man who said, “To do good work, one must be well housed, well fed, have the occasional fling and be left to drink his cup of coffee in peace.”

Vincent van Gogh was born in a village in the southern Netherlands. Vincent was described as a serious and introspective child. Van Gogh spent his young adult life working for art dealers. He also took an interest in the vocation of his father, and became a missionary worker in an impoverished mining region in Belgium in 1879. In the following year Vincent took the suggestion of his brother Theo, and decided to become a painter.

After several years of study he completed his first major work, The Potato Eaters (1885). When he encountered Impressionism and Neo-Impressionism in Paris his style changed, incorporating brighter colors and developing a painterly style that was uniquely recognizable. Van Gogh worked hard, and produced more than 2,000 paintings, drawings and sketches in the last ten years of his life.

Additional Lessons

Oil pastel abstract artwork of a boat at sea.

Jackson Pollock:

Early Seascapes

A coloring book page of daisies and poppies in a vase.

Vincent Van Gogh:

Romantic Florals

Oil pastel artwork of farmers in a field with houses on the horizon.

Vincent Van Gogh:


An example painting of a dog.

Charley Harper:


An example painting of a dog.

Charley Harper:


A painting of a valley and a house with trees.

Milton Avery:


Watercolor painting of lilies.

Diego Rivera:


Multi-colored mountains beneath the moon.

Paul Gaugin: