Paul Gauguin: Landscapes

More about the Artist

French artist Paul Gauguin was known for using wild, bright colors rather than the colors of nature.  This was the style of the Fauves—a French word that means “wild beasts.”

Critics might argue that the term was especially fitting for a man  of Gauguin’s explosive personality, but the Fauvist Movement had not started in Gauguin’s lifetime so he was spared the label. (They did manage to call him any number of names, however, due to the above-mentioned attitude and his later artwork which often appeared shocking to the public.)

He loved color. He loved nature and he loved living a free an unencumbered life! Gauguin quit his job to paint full time, to the chagrin of his family. Later he moved to Tahiti to spend his time painting village life, the tropical landscapes, and many of the natives. Legend has it that he abruptly left his family to fend for themselves and selfishly took off. But this is not true. His marriage was in turmoil and his wife actually requested that he leave. His wood carvings, sculptures, and paintings  continue to delight to this day!

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