About Us


Fine Art Miracles, Inc.  (FAM):

A Nonprofit Organization, using Creative Expression and Social Robotics to enhance communication and overall well-being, while decreasing inhibition and loneliness.

Founder and CEO, Tess Almendarez Lojacono received her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA and has a deep connection to the Pittsburgh community. Today FAM serves more than 6,000 individuals with challenges (children and adults) each year.

Our Community

We are still here to serve you; we carry you in our hearts. Neither fear of risk or peril will stop us from reaching out to help. 

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, FAM also serves Erie & Harrisburg, PA and Rochester & Buffalo, NY.  FAM was founded in 2007 to provide the benefits of creative art therapies and social robotics to people of all ages with a concentration on serving those with challenges. FAM uses fine art lessons, art therapy, music therapy, dance & movement therapy, multi-sensory sessions and FAMbots (social robot enhanced learning), to improve the lives of our most vulnerable community members. Our beloved clients include elderly residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, children and adults on the autism spectrum, the homeless, veterans, economically challenged families; basically, anyone experiencing difficulty with the activities of daily living.

FAM’s greatest accomplishment has been the increased implementation of services enhancing the lives of thousands struggling with challenges that may be physical, mental, emotional, behavioral or even economic. The following illustrates this:

  1. Fine Art Miracles, Inc. established headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA and immediately expanded both client base and service menu so that FAM grew from serving 600 people per year in 2007 to serving 6,000+ people annually today.
  2. In 2013, FAM had the opportunity to work with Carnegie Mellon, a world class university, to take the Romibo robot out of the laboratory and combine it with a series of art therapy sessions for children on the autism spectrum. FAM found such a dramatic improvement in attention span and task completion, that we went on to offer Social Robot Enhanced Art Therapy and other forms of SEL learning, which eventually became our FAMbots Program. Due to this success, FAM has become committed to social robotics, testing our own and other companies’ robots, for use in homes and in schools.
  3. After years of experience working with people who struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, who basically live in another world, FAM realized instead of trying to pull them into our world to behave in a way that made sense to us, we needed to find a way to enter their world and simply journey with them where they are. This led to research and discussion that inspired and informed the Multi-Sensory Session FAM now employs for the Memory Care population. With regular and consistent participation, over time we have seen tremendous success in cognitive ability and in verbalization.

Today, FAM continues to reach out to those in need, with Borderless Services!

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