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FAMbot Learning:

FAMbot Learning combines social robotics with creativity and social skills to provide the perfect STEAM opportunity—very effective for both challenged and typically developing learners of all ages; from 2  to 12 years of age.  And, FAM is designing new programming for children ages 0 to 18 months!

FAM employs a “Wizard of Oz” approach to robotics, meaning we control our robots rather than using artificial intelligence. This means there is always a human present, to keep children grounded and allow them to generalize friendship skills from the robot to the instructor and in time, to classmates too!

FAMbot Learning concentrates on Social Skills and STEAM.  Our Hugo Robot recently taught an Engineering Program for children ages 6 to 13. We focused on six types of engineers, performed experiments related to their work and drew pictures illustrating ourselves as engineers. At the conclusion everyone shared their work and what they liked best about the projects!


Because scientific studies show that all children benefit from working with a social robot in the following ways:

  1. Increased attention span and focus, which leads to greater task completion,
  2. Decreased inhibition, which leads to more creative problem solving,
  3. Increased verbalization and peer socialization, which enhances team building,
  4. A positive introduction to robotics, which inspires children to consider additional STEAM education and careers, and:
  5. Social robots level the playing field for all capabilities, which helps to create more inclusive classrooms, schools and communities.

FAM designs all interactions and programs robots with information, questions for the children and fun conversation, including games like I Spy and Simon Says. We’ve only begun to see the benefits that can occur with FAMbots, as we continue to explore.

FAM also supports PEERBOTS

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PEERbot Learning Programs: Social/Emotional Learning with Robots!

“Overall, I have had a glowing experience using this robot. The interactions from both high and low functioning autistic children, has been great. Non-Verbal students take a great interest in the fiber optics and sounds. Verbal students like the movement towards them and the questions from the robot.”

Adam Ryan
Instructor, Fine Art Miracles, Inc. – pallet

“PEERbots learning works for children who have trouble learning from traditional methodology.  We’ve seen students who have not learned effectively from our regular social skills lessons actually learn with the robot and demonstrate social skills with others.  It’s the best learning tool we have for them.”


Program Director
Allegheny Children’s Initiative

“So versatile–it’s like a Swiss army knife for Autism!”


Adam Ryan
Instructor, Fine Art Miracles, Inc.
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