The benefits of creative expression remain available to everyone!

Fine Art Miracles, Inc. (FAM): Spreading Creative Art Therapies and Social Robotics to inspire imagination, ignite communication and motivate life-long learning in the elderly and people of all ages with challenges. FAM continues to enrich our community with:

•ART2GO Packaged Art Lessons
• In-Person and Virtual Art Lessons & Creative Art Therapies
• Hugo’s World Zooms (Zoom with a Robot!)

FAM works with all ages and all capabilities—and we still deliver the fun to you!

Our Borderless Services

Colored pencils, erasers, and drawing paper.


Our Packaged Art Lesson “In A Box” Complete with all supplies!

Creative Art Therapies

In-Person and Virtual Services:
Art Classes/Creative Art Therapies
Music Therapy


Hugo’s World (zooms)
FAMbots Presents (videos here)

If your loved one
has a special need,
how can we help?

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