Van Gogh Starry Night Hearts

Van gogh starry night hearts

March 30th, 1853 is the birthday of the man who said, “To do good work, one must be well housed, well fed, have the occasional fling, and be left to drink his cup of coffee in peace.”  Vincent Van Gogh was born in a village in the southern Netherlands.  Vincent was described as a serious and introspective child.  

Van Gogh spent his young adult life working for art dealers.  He also took an interest in the vocation of his father and became a missionary worker in an impoverished mining region in Belgium in 1879.  In the following year, Vincent took the suggestion of his brother, Theo, and decided to become a painter.  After several years of study, he completed his first major work, The Potato Eaters (1885).  But when he encountered other painting styles in Paris, his style changed.  He began using brighter colors and developing a painterly style that was uniquely recognizable.

A hard worker, Van Gogh produced more than 2,000 painting, drawings, and sketches in the last ten years of his life.


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