Winter Birds

Winter Birds

In the North East, we typically expect to see Chickadees, Nuthatches, and Snowy Owls in winter. We’ve even grown accustomed to the winter Cardinal and the BlueJay, even though these are examples of stalwart summer-time companions! Did you know that it is not uncommon to see the Robin in winter as well?

Yes, while some American Robins to migrate, given a decent food supply and safe wooded crevice to nest in, many of our summer friends winter alone and happy at home. The reason you don’t see robins in winter is mainly due to this change in their behavior.

When the weather starts getting warm, we see the Robin “return,” aggressively protecting his territory, competing for mates and raising chicks. This change in behavior is largely the reason Robins appear to disappear in winter only to return the following spring.

A Robin in the snow, creating a lovely contrast with its glossy gray/brown coat and red breast against the snowy background makes a lovely picture! Give it a try and you’ll soon agree, this year-round friend makes great subject matter any time in any weather!

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