ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Albert Pinkham Ryder

By Grace Day

This weeks Artist Spotlight is highlighting Albert Pinkham Ryder. Ryder was an American painter during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. He was best known for his works on seascapes and poetic allegorical paintings. Much like last weeks artist, Ryder was part of the Tonalism art movement of the time that used dark gray and blue hues to depict landscapes. 

Ryder studied at the National Academy of Design and was a founding member of the Society of American Artists. This organization heavily influenced Ryder’s style in that they did not conform to the academic standards of the day. His early works often featured tonalist landscapes in golden brown hues with small pops of blue in the skies. In his later works Ryder embraced darker and moodier colors that were more poetic and imaginative – often depicting scenes from literature, opera, and religion. 

These works by Ryder from later in his career really exemplify his most iconic style. The movement and slightly distorted images put you in an almost dream-like land. Enjoy these beautiful pieces by Albert Pinkham Ryder and have a great week!

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