By Christine Snyder

This week’s artist spotlight in honor of Autism Acceptance Month is Amrit Khurana, an Indian painter recognized at a very early age by her parents and teachers for her impressive talent.  For Amrit, art is her main form of communication and gives us a glimpse of how she views the world.  She paints daily life, whether that means landscapes and animals while living in the country or buildings and crowds after moving to the city.  She paints from memory, only having to see an image once in order to recreate it.  She often uses a distinct color palette and flat tones, transforming a representational image into a surrealist fantasy.  Skin tone is often left out, contrasting with the vibrantly colored backgrounds.  Hands are often disproportionate, another detail that could be meant to draw attention away from race or physical appearance and towards the action, meaning, or feeling of the moment being captured.  She paints the ordinary and the people on the periphery with bold lines, asserting their strength.  I’m glad I had this opportunity to learn about Amrit and be reminded that there is no right way to communicate.  Everyone has a voice, and with this much talent, Amrit Khurana is certainly making a statement!


       The Womb







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