FAM’s featured Ukrainian artist for the week is Anatoly Kryvolap.  Anatoly is considered to be one of the most successful artists living in Ukraine, and his paintings are displayed at museums and private collections around the world.  His most expensive painting sold for over $120,000.  

Nature is Anatoly’s biggest inspiration.  Not only is it the fuel for his creativity, but it gives him strength in his everyday life.  He is a dog lover, and he considers his dogs to be his friends.  He takes them whenever he goes exploring, in search of inspiration for his art.  

Anatoly believes people should spend more time on their passions, and that the most important things in life are harmony and balance–with oneself and in one’s personal and professional lives.  While most people on Earth don’t have the privilege that would allow such balance, he still makes an interesting point.  What a beautiful world it would be if everyone could worry less about survival and focus on passion and harmony. 



The brushstrokes appear to be intentionally visible, indicating to me the importance the artist places on the process, as opposed to just the image itself.



Much like the master impressionists, Anatoly uses thick strokes of paint to capture the essence of people and objects.


Once again, Anatoly’s brushwork is visible.  Here, it creates depth and movement.  I can tell he loves to capture all seasons!

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