By Christine Snyder

This week’s artist inspired by the United States National Park Service is Ansel Adams!  Ansel Adams is a famous photographer known for his conservation advocacy and his photos of the U.S. National Parks.  His legacy is so important to the National Park Service that there is a gallery named after him nestled at the center of Yosemite Valley!

Because of his efforts to promote the beauty of the national parks and encourage environmental conservation, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1980.   

Much like many of the artists in our series, Adams’ art was about more than creating pretty pictures.  Ansel Adams’ art was influential in establishing fervor and pride in the U.S. National Park Service and shows that art is an important part of American history.

Mount Williamson, Sierra Nevada


Road After Rain, Northern California


Morning Glories, Massachusetts


Bakers Beach, San Francisco, California

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