Artist Spotlight: Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait

How is everyone doing on their New Year’s resolutions? Miss a day of your workout – that’s okay! Keep going! Continuing our theme this month of “New Beginnings” our next artist, Arthur Fitzwilliam Wait, focused his works heavily on new life often painting wildlife. 

Born in Liverpool, England in 1819 Tait was sent to live with relatives in Lancaster and this is where we got his affinity for animals. From the age of 12 he was self-learning to paint mostly reproducing lithography. After he immigrated to America in 1850 he opened up an artists camp that operated over the summer, his works began being reproduced as lithographs and featured in exhibitions at the National Academy of Design. After showing more than 200 of his paintings he was elected a full academy member in 1858. He was a heavy influence on the art scene in New York up until his death in 1905. 

Tait’s works depicting wildlife are exactly what I think of when someone says “new life” or “new beginnings”. Come spring time all of these new lives will start to emerge and we’ll get to appreciate the work that was put in before to make that life happen. So let that be an encouragement to you, keep to your goals so that the you in 3 months will thank you and appreciate the work that you put in to get yourself to that place!


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