By Christine Snyder

This week’s featured artist is Darcie Peet!  Darcie is a very successful landscape painter whose work resides in museums and private collections all over the country.  Inspired by a life exploring the wild outdoors, she paints the places she’s seen, including the U.S. National Parks.  Born in Illinois, she was raised in Pittsburgh and moved to the Southwest as an adult.  She has traveled extensively and strives to capture the awe and power of her experiences witnessing some of the most majestic scenes on earth, including Glacier National Park, Canyon De Chelly, and Rocky Mountain National Park.  Not only has she always been inspired by nature, but she also spent much of her early life visiting The Art Institute of Chicago.  I think it’s worth noting that so many of FAM’s featured artists have been inspired by nature and by being exposed to art at a young age.  I encourage you to learn more about the art and national parks mentioned here and to possibly start planning your next outdoor adventure!
















Painting by Artist Darcie Peet

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