Artist Spotlight: Edmund C. Coates

Can you believe the month of March is almost over? It seems like it just started, but we are encouraged to say goodbye to it as the sunshine has me prepped for summer months that are coming! This weeks featured artist is Edmund C. Coates, and while we might not know much about his life he exemplifies the talent of a landscape artist so we are happy to showcase his works.

Born in 1816, Coates was born in England but spent and majority of his life and active part of his career in New York City. He identified mostly as a landscape, portrait, marine, and history painter but aligned very closely with the Hudson River School. Coates produced many works featuring the Connecticut River as well as Canada, Italy and the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 

His marine works are among some of my personal favorites. His use of light and shadow to give depth and scale to his subjects is really unmatched. I hope you enjoy these beautiful works done by Edmund C. Coates and hope you have a great rest of your week!

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