ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Francis William Edmonds

By Grace Day

Happy November! Now that we are entering into the holiday season, we at Fine Art Miracles wanted to take this opportunity to highlight artists whose works perfectly depict this month’s theme, “Gathering”. All throughout this season families from far and wide begin to come together and spend more time with one another. Our first artist that we are going to spotlight is Francis William Edmonds. As a painter of genre subjects many of his works capture events from everyday life, making him the perfect artist to highlight this month.

Born in New York in 1806, Edmonds expressed interest in sketching from a young age but found the skill too expensive to receive training in so as a young man he followed in his uncle’s footsteps and went into banking. Upon the opening of the National Academy of Design in 1826, Edmonds enrolled as a student while continuing his work at the bank. His early works were well received by the public, which encouraged Edmonds to continue developing his skill. 

Edmonds was credited with popularizing “humorous every-day-life scenes”. I think this is the perfect descriptor for his pieces and I can certainly relate to some of this works during the holiday season. With family beginning to gather you never quite know what to expect or what will happen, but it usually ends up being a good time! Enjoy the start of this holiday season and embrace the humor in everyday situations!

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