Artist Spotlight: Henry Farrer

Continuing the theme for this month, our next featured artist is Henry Farrer. Known for this tonalist watercolor landscapes and etchings, Farrer’s works depict winter in a much more cold and barren way – but we know that we have all felt that way about winter, especially when we are ready for it to be over!

Born in London in 1844, Farrer was raised in an artistic household much like our featured artist from last week. His older brother, Thomas Charles Farrer was also a well-known artist in America. Henry’s style of painting differed heavily from his brother’s. While is brother’s paintings featured softer blends of color and light, Henry worked more in neutral hues of gray, blue, and brown. He certainly drew inspiration from his brother though, immigrating to America and becoming a member of the Society for the Advancement of Truth in Art which was co-founded by his brother. Farrer painted almost exclusively in watercolor, which was unlike most artists of his time who would often work in various mediums. During this same time in America, he became a driving force in the Etching Revival that was the reemergence and invigoration of etching as an original form of printmaking. Both is paintings and etchings have become world-renowned.

While Farrer’s etchings didn’t often depict winter scenes, the nature of the work gives the same feeling of barrenness that his winter paintings do. Winter can be a hard time for people, you’re not out as much or seeing people as often but we need to make sure we are practicing self-care and are keeping in contact with those in our lives! How do Farrer’s works make you feel?

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