Artist Spotlight: Johan Christian Dahl

We are more than halfway though the month of April and are continuing our feature of artists who do a phenomenal job at showcasing our beautiful planet. Our artist this week is often described as “the father of Norwegian Landscape painting” and has had a measurable impact on the art world as a whole. The artist we are featuring this week is, Johan Christian Dahl.

Dahl was born in Norway in 1788. He came from a simple background, his father was a fisherman and he never received any kind of early formal education. He was mentored and studied with painter, Johan Georg Muller, at his studio in Bergen, Norway – one of the most important workshops in Bergen at the time. It was arranged later in his life that Dahl would continue his studies in Copenhagen. As important as these studies were, it was Dahl’s time in the countryside that had the largest effect on his works. His travels later in life to Germany and Italy would also have a renowned impact on his career and his style of painting. He mentored many young artists throughout his career, encouraging each to find their own unique style that would make them known.

Johan was a great artist and mentor to many. His works had a significant impact on the art world. His use of light and color in the below pieces made him the perfect artist to highlight for this month. I love in his piece, Vesuvio from Quisisana, that you can just see hints of light from a city at the base of the volcano. I hope everyone enjoys these pieces and continues to have a great April!

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