This week’s featured National Parks artist is Lyn Boyer.  She spends over half of the year traveling the United States before returning to her home and studio in Colorado.  Lyn was first inspired by the American and European painters from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  She was intrigued by their compositions and–more importantly–their ability to tell a story.  She believes a successful painting is one that can provoke a unique feeling for the viewer, and the impetus for Boyer’s paintings comes from recognizing patterns in the natural world.  She then feels an urge to explore and share these moments with her audience.  Painting is her passion, and she has chosen to share this gift with other aspiring artists as a teacher and mentor.  Take a look at her work, and think about the feelings her paintings elicit for you.  When I scroll through her images, I feel a strong desire to plan my next nature adventure!




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