By Christine Snyder

Happy Mother’s Day to this week’s featured Ukrainian artist, Olha Pilyuhina! Olha is a Ukranian tapestry artist, mother, teacher, and guardian of Ukrainian culture. Olha’s story is one of the reasons why FAM is dedicating the May Artist Spotlight Series to Ukraine. We aim to help preserve and uplift Ukrainian art and culture.



The traditional art of tapestry has existed in Ukraine for many centuries. The function has changed over time, from the middle ages when tapestries were used to adorn the walls of churches and castles to keep them warm, to the boom of the artform throughout the Soviet Union, to Olha’s current mission of preserving this important craft. She fears that the artform is being lost due to globalization, fast-paced lifestyles, and lack of resources. Olha was raised by her artist family to have a love and respect for her country and its culture. When creating art, she considers nature, harmony, and her identity to create a contemporary composition from a traditional technique.






Olha is another example of artists who use their gift to help others. She taught preschool for over 10 years and went on to teach at a university. She has also spoken about raising a son who has carried on the tradition of creating Ukrainian inspired art. In one particular interview, she spoke about the joy she felt at seeing her son create and at the happiness it gave him to develop and pursue his talents. My Mother’s Day wish is for every parent to support their children for exactly who they are and to raise their children with an appreciation for craft, creativity, and the ability to adapt tradition to a modern world.


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