This week’s featured artist in honor of Autism Acceptance Month is Stephen Wiltshire, a British architectural artist.  Stephen began drawing when he was five, and at age eight, he sold his first piece to the prime minister of the United Kingdom.  He specializes in drawing cityscapes and architecture, and is able to replicate a city scene down to its minute details after viewing it only once.  His work has been exhibited on every continent, and he continues to draw from memory and travel the world to create art.

The detail is unbelievable!



His use of color creates visual interest and movement.



To create this panorama, Stephen flew over Mexico City in a helicopter.  He then memorized what he saw and sketched it in front of over 100,000 spectators during the course of several days.


Stephen has said that he is able to see the beauty in the world around him.  He loves his job, and he said he’ll never give up drawing.  This amazing gift could not belong to a more beautiful person!


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