By Christine Snyder

For the month of June, FAM’s Artist Spotlight Series will be celebrating Pride Month!  Our featured artist of the week is Yishay Garbasz.  Yishay is a Berlin based trans woman artist whose multidisciplinary work includes photography, film, and installation.  She explores topics such as memory, trauma, marginalization, gender, intersectionality, and neo-fascism.  

Yishay has worked with communities affected by war and has experienced disability, abuse, and trauma.  She refers to trauma, disability, and other marginalizing attributes as invisible, because unless one is experiencing them, they tend not to see or acknowledge them.  She centers the voices of the marginalized in order to make the invisible visible.


This photo is from a show called Severed Connections.  The barbed wire represents the barriers that separate warring groups.  She is examining the concepts of division, fences, and government imposed fear.



This photograph, titled In My Mother’s Footsteps, was taken as Yishay reenacted the tragic journey of her mother, who was forced to flee from the Nazis and was sent to a concentration camp.




In this piece, Meinong, Taiwan, Yishay photographed a home during her residency in Taiwan.  She was exploring tradition and lineage.


Yishay recently worked on a smaller, more personal project to help a friend during hard times.  She painted the words “I am loved” in reverse on a shirt, so that when her friend looked in the mirror, she would be able to see herself and the message and know she was loved.  Yishay’s work covers so many important topics, and I encourage you to learn more about her.  Please also know that you are loved, and don’t forget to check back all month for more Pride Month Artist Spotlights!  





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