Candidates on Child Care

Dear Child Care Voters,

We know that when like-minded people come together with a common goal, they can make incredible change for our communities. That’s exactly what child care voters like yourself have been doing now that we are fully in campaign season: spreading the word that if these folks want to represent us, they need to fix the issues that are facing child care and pre-k here in Pennsylvania.

Last month, Ruby Martin and some of her staff were able to ask gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano’s staff what his plans are for early learning if elected. While the list contained a lot of policy issues, there was nothing about early childhood. We need to make sure that every candidate of each party this November knows that this movement of thousands of child care voters needs answers to these important questions.

Heather Smoyer had State House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff visit her center in early August and pressed him and his staff on child care and pre-k issues. She had a great discussion with one of his staffers, who had issues finding child care herself!

Mary Wassell made sure that John Fetterman knows that now that he’s back on the campaign trail that early childhood needs to be one of his top priorities if elected to the Senate!

Heather Wells made sure that when candidate Mastriano and Rep. DelRosso—candidate for Lt. Governor—came to Southwest PA that they knew that in every corner of Pennsylvania, child care voters are out in full-force!

If you need help finding a local event or thinking about how to ask the right question, contact me at


All the best,

Kyle McMillen, M.A., M.A. (he/him/his)

Early Childhood Education Civic Engagement Coordinator

Children First (formally PCCY)

215-563-5848 x16 office

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