CEEMI for St. Patrick’s Day!

If you haven’t heard of Gil Teixeira, founder of CEEMI (pronounced See Me), you are missing one of Pittsurgh’s (and Portugal’s) musical treasures! Gil works with Fine Art Miracles, providing CEEMI workshops (more below about CEEMI) and engaging musical events like this one he and his lovely wife performed at Seneca Hills Village on Wed., March 17.  They were the musical entertainment for a fun St. Patrick’s Day Party!

If you are curious, CEEMI can be quickly described as the hardware generator of an instant virtual ensemble that turns any WiFi compatible device – a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop – into a collaborative electronic musical instrument on the fly. It was specially designed for the performance of music by groups of people without prior musical training. The vision behind CEEMI is to harness the power of technology to connect people in real time, in a live setting. It’s not so much about humans interacting with technology, but about technology as a means to human interaction.

For us, it’s all about the human interaction–we reach out to spread the love, using art, music, creative art therapies and social robots.  Partnering with Gil was a natural fit.  Here’s hoping you find a way to fit more music into your loved one’s lives!

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