Corry Manor Snowflake Art!

One February, years ago, I was in a  meeting in Buffalo, NY. It was snowing so hard the view from the windows was a solid sheet of white. I was a resident at the time, but some of the group were not. The host asked everyone to introduce themselves and tell us where they were from. The first gentleman stated that he was new in town, having just moved there from Erie. When asked why he relocated he said, “For the better weather.” The host sagely nodded.

Winter is cold in Erie, PA; really really cold! Some may find this daunting, but our hearty friends at Corry Manor are inspired by winter–snowfall is beautiful and here is the proof:

It’s apparently true, no two snowflakes are alike! And please note the beautiful borders on these lovely pictures…every inch a tribute to the glories of winter. Thanks to  our awesome FAM Art Teacher, Maria, for sharing this beautiful work!

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