Dispel the Myth

By Patrick McNerthney 

There’s a myth floating around out there that only special people (think: Elon Musk, Jake at State Farm, Mick Jagger–he’s from the Rolling Stones, and a big deal, for all you youngins out there) have the innate, magical talent and skill to succeed in their quests and basically achieve greatness.   

What’s weird is this myth exists inside the heads of regular folks like you and me, typically in a narrative that goes like this:

“Oh, Elon, Mick, and don’t get me started on Jake from State Farm… Yeah, they’re special, they have this unique genetic gift deigned by the cosmos, that allows them to achieve their dreams and consequently, mega stardom bliss/wealth. But hey, that’s not me. I’m not after that level of success.” 

(And please, if Elon and Mick and Jake from State Farm don’t ring true, insert any “famous” person you prefer…basically the rule is, if you think they’re superhuman, insert their name here: ______).

And like most myths, it’s hard to come up with concrete evidence to dispel this one. Most likely because Mick Jagger, Elon Musk and Jake  would never be willing to submit their DNA for expansive testing, plus scientists probably don’t know what to test for or how to test it.. 

But, I know this. Mick Jagger got his famous “moves like Jagger” (the sinewy, snakelike way he dances) because The Rolling Stones played in tiny clubs for years (making NO money), and he wanted to dance, but the stage was so small he was forced to just writhe around all weird-like.

(They’ve got moves like Jagger.)

In other words, he faced a constraint, and worked around it. 

Elon Musk was bullied in elementary school, thought compulsory education was a very flawed system, and vowed to change it. So he started Ad Astra, a school with an innovative (and unusual) curriculum. (And, well, Elon has invented quite a few other things, if I recall…while  continuing to push for change in how we teach kids.)

In other words, he faced a constraint, and worked around it. 

And Jake?  Poor guy, no one believes his sincere promises of helping others, but does that stop him from helping others? No way!  He just keeps at it–which is most likely his way of working around it.

Remember the superhuman you selected to fill in the blank? Whomever you chose, I guarantee the first thing they’d probably tell you is, “Oh me? Yeah, I’m pretty talented, I work hard and all that, but the biggest thing is, when I’m faced with a roadblock, I take the time to work around it, or change it altogether, even if I need to ask for help.”

(Ok that looks easy to get around but you get the idea.)

And that’s the key to the whole deal. Life is less about having some special, one-in-a-million talent, and more about working around the barriers to whatever we deem is success.

What’s the point of all this? Constraints and barriers are both normal and (paradoxically) drive your ability to think, to solve bigger problems, and ignite your imagination. So don’t’ surrender to challenges–especially the big ones.. (And don’t dare think you’re less gifted than anyone else in the entire galaxy just because you struggle. Hint: We ALL struggle sometimes.)

So, and when it comes to your work as a caregiver of the elderly, children with challenges, or anyone needing assistance with life’s daily tasks, when you run into constraints and roadblocks,  ask Fine Art Miracles (FAM) for help. They’ll set you up with tools designed to leverage creative expression as the ULTIMATE ANTIDOTE for the anxiety and depression caused by social isolation. 

Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Dance & Movement Therapy, Art2Go packages Drumming Exercise Therapy (and much more) connect your residents and loved ones with their confidence, self-worth, optimism, hope, and belief that they MATTER. Which, I’m guessing, is exactly how you’d measure “success” as you pursue your generous work to care for other people.

So whaddya say? Send FAM a note or give them a call, they’re happy to help!

And listen up: the next time you feel like quitting because you think you’re not talented like Mick or gifted like Elon or relentlessly charming like Jake, just remember Patrick told you, “Don’t give up now–you got this!”



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