FAM and 412 Food Rescue Team Up for Seniors!

by Tess Lojacono

Thanks to your generous donations through our ioby Campaign and the adventurous spirit of 412 Food Rescue, FAM has been able to give 215 art lessons to individual seniors sheltering at home, in four senior housing communities, all within the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh.

Thanks also to our stalwart volunteers who helped sort supplies and pack lessons.  Good friend and staff member Gena, Website Guru Megan; my daughters Pilar and Francesca, all worked hard to help us put those first 215 packages together!

Watercolor paint, brushes, watercolor paper, and a palette.
We’re doing our best to combat social isolation with engaging and creative opportunities for making art.

And this was only the beginning.  We’re  ordering more supplies and ramping up for the next 200.  If you’d like to help, just reach out to Fineartmiracles.com and let me know.

Here’s what you’re going to be helping us make–happy, excited faces like these:


Come and join us!  You won’t believe how good it feels to help!

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