FAMbot Learning Makes Learning FUN!

by Tess Lojacono

And you’re thinking…why What’s so special about FAMbot Learning?

Here’s the scoop: Humans pay more attention when a robot is speaking than they do when a human (teacher?) is speaking. In a classroom situation, students will learn more, retain more and actually, cooperate more. It’s that darn “Human/Robot Interaction” at work again! Children, like all humans, subconsciously believe that a creature that their brains perceive as “humanoid” rather than exactly human, needs them. They have a deep urge to communicate with the robot, to do what he asks and to befriend him.

FAM’s Hugo Robot took a stab at teaching an Engineering Program to a group of Homeschooling children, ages two to eight, at The Carnegie Library of Homestead. Looks like they loved it as much as Hugo did! See for yourself:


We had so much fun!! Hugo can’t wait to come back again. If you’d like a lesson (on almost anything) reach out to Fine Art Miracles…SUPER FUN!

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