FREE Socially Assistive In-home Robot Visit!


Hey Everyone,

We are now offering a unique opportunity to test a brand new Socially Assistive Robot, free of charge to any families with at least one child between 6 and 8 years of age, who has a special learning need.

The goal is to help teach, reinforce, and strengthen social skills. This new robot will assist in getting children to communicate with others, follow direction, increase task completion and engage socially, by targeting: listening skills, greetings and introductions, self regulation, conversation skills, and more.

Initially, we are scheduling 1 – 2 visits in the home, with a FAM Robotic Instructor and a Socially Assistive Robot. This new robot will get to know your child, often using a short game, book, art activity, or role play. The FAM Robotic Instructor will operate the robot, take notes (and pictures) and facilitate the activities. The robot will record video and audio, so families will sign release forms. If siblings or parents would like to join in the fun, it’s not only allowed, but encouraged. The FAM Robotic Instructor will collect input regarding things the family likes about the robot, what they don’t like, things they wish the robot could do and any information on optimum times for robot engagements (ie. bedtime, meal time, homework time, bath time, etc.).

Next, there will be an additional opportunity to have the new robot live with the family for up to 2 weeks, gathering additional data for research purposes only.  Again, all free of charge.

Please consider helping us to make Socially Assistive Robots a well known and well used tool in the home!

Interested families should complete this quick (2 minute) form:

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