Giving Tuesday 2.0

by Tess Lojacono

I’m sure you’ve seen this popping up everywhere lately:


That’s right! Giving Tuesday will be here on Nov. 28. Time to “be generous or be gone!”

But why should we give? With the rising costs of everything and the holidays looming, what is the motivation here? Okay. I can’t speak for everybody, but I can give you three excellent reasons to help Fine Art Miracles, Inc. (FAM), move forward with its mission.

What’s that? You don’t know our mission?  Well! Simply put, we believe in two things:

  1. Our Vision Statement (life as we believe it should be): A life of purpose, meaning, and connection for every human being.
  2. Our Mission Statement (how we’ll get there): To create an evolved sense of wellbeing for older adults, children with challenges, and typically isolated populations, by fostering the ageless creative spirit within.

No matter who you are, what you believe in, or what you do, FAM’s  here to help you live a more fulfilled life by unleashing your creativity. You may look at some of the folks we serve and think, well, that’s fine for them, but that’s not ever going to be me.  Let me assure you my friend, one day we will ALL be older adults and a significant number of us will have dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease or some other issue. Surely we’ll all be less robust than we are right now. So think about it.  

What you support today will affect how you live years from now. What about giving a hand to an organization that cares deeply about you–not just today, but tomorrow and tomorrow and the day after that? That’s FAM! Oh, and the third reason to give?

3. Your mother would appreciate it.


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