How Art, and Fine Art Miracles, Gives Your Loved Ones Joy

Image of sunflower artwork on display.

There are three things that have always amazed me about fine art

Image of young girl proudly showing her collage flower art.

First: anything that is framed and hung on a wall, illuminated with special lighting, and surrounded by a velvet rope will indeed attract attention. Sometimes, it will even draw a crowd. 

Second: with just a few simple instructions (what we artists and teachers call “tricks of the trade”) and really good art supplies, anyone can create a masterpiece!

And finally: very few people believe—or even consider—the two facts above. But once they do, watch out! Creativity explodes!

This is what we reveal to countless nursing home residents and patients in behavioral health facilities, children from preschool to high school age, veterans, and anyone else who decides to join the Fine Art Miracles (FAM) family. And we emphasize these points to level the playing field, remove inhibition, and free the inner artist who lives in all of us. Why do we do this?

Elderly man with aide showing their artwork.

Engaging in creative expression is invigorating and calming. It’s exciting to create something that frames a memory, even with a simple stroke of color or a simply drawn shape. And the feeling of accomplishment—and confidence—that follows is available to everyone, even artists with dementia or those who are typically taciturn or “difficult” to deal with. 

Anyone can create and everyone benefits from creativity. 

This is how we help the people you care about and bring them joy. FAM gives love, attention, and the keys to unlocking creativity. Your loved ones, clients, students, or residents will be enriched with opportunities to be creative as a member of our family—whether they’re in a nursing home, daycare, or veterans hospital. 


And since FAM transitioned from in-person services to virtual art sessions and packaged ART2GO lessons, our mission of compassionately encouraging creative expression in everyone continues. 

To find out more on how art, and Fine Art Miracles, can give your loved ones joy, contact us today!

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