I Got This

By Patrick McNerthney

I loved playing baseball as a kid. Well, t-ball, to be exact. All you have to do is walk up to a black, plastic metal tube that rests on a base (so it doesn’t fall over), then the umpire puts the ball on the top of the tube, you face this enemy,smack it hard, then run to first base as if a Bengal tiger is hot on your tail.

Of course, I struck out a few times, but let’s not discuss that.

I also enjoyed softball. Underhand, slow pitch, a big ol’ round ball (I’m talking big enough to hit with your eyes closed), lots of cheering parents. Easy stuff.

Fast pitch hardball (i.e. real baseball) was my personal nightmare. I was totally terrified of the maniacal-looking pitchers (who had no control) hurling that death orb right at my face. I think I went 1 for 500 my first season (which was the cosmos telling me, “Please, for God’s sake,  try another sport!).

(Exactly. Look at those evil eyes.)

BUT–all three versions of baseball taught me a valuable lesson. It’s called, “I GOT IT!” 

You see, every player is immediately taught to take total and complete ownership of a pop fly heading their way by emphatically screaming “I GOT IT!” This avoids (a.) collisions (b.) tip toeing around responsibility (c.) confusion and thus (d.) the ball not getting caught. 

Baseball’s “I GOT IT” is a secret superpower we all have. How? I’m so glad you asked!  The  secret of the fly ball is this: You don’t shout “Hey you over there, YOU’VE got it.” It’s not up to you to assign who will catch it. IF YOU CAN CATCH IT, YOU CALL IT. And if it doesn’t work out, you dust yourself off and try again. Thus, when it comes to your work as a caregiver of the elderly, children with challenges, or anyone needing help with life’s routine tasks, it’s more effective to TAKE responsibility, instead of GIVE, DELEGATE, or AVOID it.

(Or, more appropriately, “I got it!”)

Plus this posture strengthens our dependability. Which is a relatively easy competency to acquire (just say “I got this” a lot then follow through as best you can), and quite valuable if you stick with it. And let’s remember, your coworkers, and those you care for, already DEPEND on you. 

You face residents or loved ones struggling with social isolation, depression, anxiety, fear, and hopelessness. Remedying this is a daunting task. That’s why Fine Art Miracles has made it really easy for you to say, “I GOT IT” as you search for solutions.

FAM uses creative expression to reconnect those you care for with feelings of joy, confidence, self-worth, mastery, and relevance to the world. Art Therapy, Dance & Movement Therapy, Multi-Sensory Sessions, ART2GO packages (and so much more) tamp down the parts of the brain that generate negative emotions, and activate the parts that generate the helpful stuff.

Pretty crazy right? But it works. And admittedly my translation of the science behind it is a bit casual, so if you’d like to learn more or just get started, reach out to FAM today; they’re happy to help!

Now I must depart. My wife remembered a few weeks back I said “I GOT IT!” in response to the fact that our windows need washing, hence that’s how I’ll spend the rest of my day. Oh well. Ironically I’d rather do that than throw the hardball with my son — sure, he’s got a good arm, maybe too good–cause I’m still scared of that darn ball.


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