Look Who’s Sharing !

by Tess Lojacono

Hey, Everyone: Please see this major announcement to all of our friends–the many nursing facilities, day programs and homes away from home that Fine Art Miracles serves:

We want to know what you’re up to–what you’ve been doing to celebrate the awesomeness of your residents! Please share some pics and a few lines about in-house events and we’ll be thrilled to highlight them here! Let’s tell others what works–ways in which you’ve successfully shown appreciation for your residents and the joy of their well-lived lives!

First up, from our dear friends at Lockport Presbyterian, in beautiful Lockport, NY!  Each month they choose a theme for an “art show” to highlight the handiwork, made lovingly by their residents. The residents’ work is then hung in a hallway, set aside specially for that purpose. Everyone has something to share, and Activities Director, Allison Benedict, takes the time to find out exactly what each person was known for, what each one spent hours building, sewing, knitting–making throughout their lives. The pics below are from  the Lockport Presby Soft Art Show, cloth or sewn pieces of true art!  Thank you, Allison!

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