Pilot Programs

Fine Art Miracles, Inc. takes pride in our research and industry leadership, providing access to the most innovative and effective techniques and methodologies to serve our clients and community.

We have cultivated a community of forward-thinking clients, embracing new effective methods for therapy and creative expression, such as our PEERbots and Multi-Sensory Programs for People with Alzheimer’s Disease and Advanced Dementia.

Members of our rich ongoing research and industry partnership programs, collaborate with FAM to serve our community. Aubrey Shick, FAM Head of Technology and Research, has initiated partnerships with industry leaders, including Misty Robotics, and Embodied, Inc. Misty has recently launched their Solutions Hub and Embodied has just announced Moxie. FAM has been a part of early testing and development of Moxie since 2017 and plans are underway to provide early access to Beta programs.

Check out the Misty Robotics Solutions Hub!

In response to COVID19, Aubrey and Choitek founder and CEO, John Choi, are concentrating on developing our Hugo robot’s tele-operation capabilities, enabling FAM Therapists to drop off a robot in a home and tele-operate a beneficial play learning session from another location. Parents and children alike are excited at the prospect!

Contact Tess for more information about participating!

Multi-Sensory Sessions for Alzheimers and Dementia
Multi-Sensory Sessions for Alzheimers and Dementia
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