Restart. Reboot. Reset…Your Brain.

By Patrick McNerthney 

Back in my barista days, one of the main reasons, maybe THE main reason customers came into the coffee shop, was to use the free Wi-Fi. NO, no, it was NOT my wit and charm. Which was always somewhat disappointing – I’d sit there and create an incredibly complicated drink and chat them up to develop a good rapport/provide great service, etc.,etc., and they’d act all impressed and engaged, then promptly plunk down in a corner for eight hours, making phone calls and sending emails, nonstop. 

I felt so USED. 

So I’d shrug, “It’s cool, man. I just work here. Guess I”ll see you the next time your Internet is down…” (Quietly wiping away a tear…)

(You’ve been here ALL DAY guys!)

Which brings up a good point: Yours truly was constantly rebooting the cafe’s Internet router because it broke frequently, despite the hefty bills from the service provider (how dare they!). Furthermore, the reason this so-called “customer” was working in my shop all day in the first place was that HIS Internet was down, and I mean down–so drastically down that said customer couldn’t just reboot his system to make it work. So the take-away is this: , when you have Internet service, rebooting is just part of the gig.

Restart. Reboot. Reset. 

Interestingly, this process often solves all sorts of otherwise big problems. A computer that suddenly freaks? Restarting works wonders. Bluetooth device connects to…absolutely nothing? Just turn it off, then turn it back on. Coffee shop’s free Wi-Fi doesn’t work? Ask that weird guy behind the bar to unplug the router, wait a few minutes, then plug’er back in. 

As 21st century citizens, we know these things. But we fail to apply them  when it comes to rebooting our brains, and all the feelings and emotions they produce.

(Yup, that about covers most of the emotions and feelings…recognize any?)

How do we accomplish a full on Brain Reboot? Easy: 

  • We Rest (turn off): This clears everything off the table by turning the conscious brain off. When we take a mental pause, the mess gets cleared, and we get a fresh start.
  • We Start-Up Again (turn back on): The classic “first-things-first; one-foot-in-front-of-the-other” sequence to initiate forward motion ALSO heals us by both giving us steps to follow and preparing us to engage with our busy world. That’s why leaping out of bed (or arriving home from vacation at midnight) and launching immediately into work feels like such a jolt. We need a start-up sequence and time to implement it. 

Bottom line, whether it’s a good night’s sleep, a short daily meditation (coffee breaks count too, just don’t use them for the free Wi-Fi), or a long vacation, giving ourselves the space to reboot, coupled with a start-up sequence, works wonders for our health and well-being.

That’s exactly what Fine Art Miracles (FAM) says about their services and how they help populations struggling with social isolation. It turns out creative expression – that act of simply making – turns off the anxiety, depression, and loneliness many of your relatives and loved ones feel every day. 

Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Dance & Movement Therapy, Multi-Sensory Sessions, and ART2GO packages create a pause, and when the elderly, children with challenges, or anyone needing help with daily living “startup” again, the magic kicks in. They reconnect with their self-worth, mastery, relevance to the outside world (as well as their own community), and they feel increased self-confidence. Which ultimately means THEY REMEMBER THEY MATTER.

So what are you waiting for? Contact FAM to let the people you care for reboot. They deserve it, and given how hard you work to support them, so do you!

As for me, I’ve been working pretty hard today…, I totally feel the need to reboot, myself. Maybe I’ll find a coffee shop and chill out for a few hours. But I’ll leave my laptop at home – I don’t want to offend anyone by using the free Wi-Fi.


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