The Fourth Dimension Is REAL

by Patrick McNerthney

I have a fun chart here at Global World Headquarters that looks like something at which one would shoot arrows or throw darts – a.k.a. a “bull’s eye’ target. And now that I think about it let’s stick with throwing darts (we don’t want anyone to get hurt!). 

It’s apparently the property of author and motivational speaker Tony Robbins (groan, I know, just bear with me) which implies there may be some form of copyright infringement happening so let’s keep this on the down low. Recently my peer (who’s deeply involved in motivational speaking, coaching, and other self-help styled things, although I hate to say “self-help” because it sounds like a scam) explained this chart to me and I found it quite interesting so maybe you will too…or maybe not. If not feel free to ask for your money back although I can’t give it to you because I already spent it on tacos.

This chart is a way to think about the space time continuum and where we put our energy. This process acts as if we all have the same, broad, goal: Make an impact, particularly within whatever industries we call home, and do not go crazy while doing so (my words, not Tony’s). Now let’s get into some explainin’!

(Hint: Less crazy is achieved by hitting the little red circle in the middle.)

Dimension of Distraction

The outermost ring (farthest from the bull’s eye) contains the Dimension of Distraction, which is populated by things we do that are not urgent or important. For me, this would be making sure my monthly calendar is up to date, drinking a pint (or two) at night, or seeking perfection on a project that’s good enough to ship as-is. All of which are things that simply waste time or otherwise allow me to hide from other things I’m scared of (more on that later).

Dimension of Delusion

The next ring “in” (closer to the target) is the Dimension of Delusion, consisting of things we do that are urgent but not important. This includes taking care of Other People’s Problems – in my world this is mostly appeasing clients who want to feel better about a project by constantly scheduling meetings that aren’t about making decisions or changing our minds, but rather focus on conducting status updates that could be accomplished with a memo. Ugh. This ring is definitely about the “time suck,” or feeling/looking like we’re working/taking action when we’re really just kicking the proverbial can. This kind of activity also results in quite a bit of (often unconscious) stress and is thus very draining.

(Ok it looks like they’re actually doing stuff but I just hate meetings.)

Dimension of Demand

The ring just around the bull’s eye is the Dimension of Demand, and it’s chock full of things that are urgent and important. It’s a tricky one to navigate…for me it includes doing the actual work for clients I get paid to do (vs. going to meetings), childcare, personal finance (that’s the one I’m scared of and where those pints come in!), interacting with my family, and connecting with peers and friends (and yes I consider family/friend connections urgent). As you can see it can be a mix of energizing or depleting activities, but they’re all deemed important.

Dimension of Fulfillment

Now let’s get into that bull’s eye! This is the Dimension of Fulfillment, brimming with (surprise!) the important, but not urgent. Whaaaaaa?. How can this be what we’re shooting for? 

For starters, in my case the Dimension of Fulfillment includes exercising (puts me in a Zen state), humor writing (I’d love to make a career out of it), explaining stuff to my kid (how life works and how to be kind to people while sticking up for oneself), and following through on projects I hired myself to do (a non-profit involving holograms – no joke – and a book I started).  

Take a close look – all of these are energizing activities (at least for me, your results may vary) with big impact, and none of them are easy. Thus, they create fulfillment! Also, items in this category tend to fall into the “…we don’t get paid for this/no one is paying attention to our work here” realm. Subsequently there’s no sense of urgency! (Secret tip: sometimes the reason we avoid doing the work in this category is because that lack of urgency makes us uncomfortable, which I think relates to the fact that there’s no one telling us what to do, i.e. there’s no accountability unless we create it for ourselves, which is uncomfortable. This may sound counterintuitive but being uncomfortable is often a sign we’re on the right track. Gulp!)

So that’s the trick – to create impact, target what’s important but not urgent and just get over how counterintuitive this may sound. This is not to say we don’t have to deal with the other dimensions, but rather to make sure we don’t let them distract us from hitting the bull’s eye. Or at least taking a shot at it, every day, drip by drip. 

Fine Art Miracles (FAM) is very familiar with the Dimension of Fulfillment. They see creative expression through artistic programming as a way to target what’s important: providing people a chance to feel like they matter, especially the elderly, children with challenges, and those who simply can’t independently care for themselves every day. Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Dance & Movement Therapy, and ART2GO packages make underserved populations (Secret hint #2: And their caregivers!) feel empowered, relevant, and seen – a.k.a. like they, and their work, matters. That’s why the Dimension of Fulfillment is the bull’s eye – all humans want to feel like they are contributing something to this world and doing something important with their lives. 

Have any questions about dart boards, targets, or how to get your artistic expression on? Reach out to FAM, they’re happy to help!

Well, looking around I can see Global World Headquarters is looking pretty dumpy. I should probably straighten things up. Wait, nobody ever comes here, I’m in that Dimension of Distraction again because I don’t want to deal with my monthly budget! Ugh. Well, I better get to my personal finances. I’ll call you if I need to borrow some money.


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