The Impact of #GivingTuesday

So now we know what GivingTuesday is, but what is the real-life impact that GivingTuesday can have? 

Our mission at Fine Art Miracles is to combat social isolation and loneliness through the use of creative art therapies and social robots to people of all ages. Our lessons include art therapy, music therapy, dance & movement therapy, multi-sensory sessions and FAMbots (social robots). Your donations help us provide more lessons to more communities in the Pittsburgh, Erie and Buffalo areas!

The individuals and communities that we serve often face many challenges and after years of experience working with people who struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, Fine Art Miracles realized instead of trying to pull them into our world to behave in a way that made sense to us, we needed to find a way to meet them where they are and journey with them there. This led to research and discussion that inspired and informed the Multi-Sensory Session Fine Art Miracles now employs for the memory care population. With regular and consistent participation, over time we have seen tremendous success in cognitive ability and in verbalization.

We look forward to being able to expand into more communities and reaching more individuals with all kinds of challenges! Thank you for supporting us this GivingTuesday!

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