The Least Likely…

As a child, I remember laughing at a craggy old gentleman once and my father chiding me, “You never know who is a quiet hero.

I think of those words often, especially now, when people are standing in long lines for shots, shifting from foot to foot with nerves, stress or pain. I see tired postal workers waiting on a disgruntled public, smiling wearily and trying not to match attitude with attitude.  I notice older workers opening doors and picking up litter, not seeming to mind that they go unappreciated–mostly unnoticed.

Does it seem to you that it’s the least likely people who are the heroes?  My dad was right. He was a WWII Veteran, never speaking of his injuries, constant pain, disabilities that he did not acknowledge much less medicate. So many quiet heroes, when you stop to think.  Our wonderful artist, Wounded Warrior Brian Z., is one of these.  Here he is, pictured with a gorgeous, brilliant painting of Hope–the New Year–and expectations of a wonderful time ahead.

When you’re feeling down–stressed out by the relentless pandemic, worried about the future and all the problems we face, remember, we’re not alone. Rather, we’re surrounded by quiet heroes, strong willed individuals who have our backs–whether or not we know, see or ever acknowledge them. Our world is still a wonderful place.  Happy New Year!

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