The Next Big Thing

By Patrick McNerthney

I’ve always wanted to be The Next Big Thing, or at least be involved with a project that turned into The Next Big Thing. I think that’s why I chose to sell Christmas Trees online, open a coffee shop, then work for two beverage startup companies back in the day—my subconscious wanted The Next Big Thing very badly. 

BUT, it’s important to note this desire did not stem from desperately seeking notoriety or all out fame. No way—that’s my worst nightmare. As a dedicated curmudgeon, the last thing I want is a bunch of people all up in my business (which is exactly why I have only one social media account that I’vd gotten very good at ignoring..)

Nope, my desire to be The Next Best Thing stemmed solely from good ol’ American capitalistic GREED. I wanted the dough, the scratch, the cash, the Benjamins, and I wanted MOUNDS of them…

(Like that much at least! On an on-going basis!)

Alas, every year (really about 20 times a year, but especially ‘round the holidays given everyone is searching for the “perfect” gift) all the The Next Big Thing lists come out: restaurants, books, movies, hotels, vacation spots, bands—everything that’s hot. You guessed it—despite my attempts at achieving this list-dom, I never came close. 

If you’ve ever made the leap from wishing to basking in this glory, congratulations! I’m seething with jealousy. 

But, if you’ve never had the spotlight shone on your work, pay heed: in my old age I’ve learned that the problem with being The Next Big Thing is that it’s impossible to stay that way forever. The hot restaurants, books, movies, hotels, vacation spots, and bands of last year are likely doing well, but they certainly aren’t The Next Big Thing anymore. They can’t be; they already happened. Besides, the people who make these lists (as noted above) must come up with new lists all the time, and they can’t put you on the list twice! Think about it: Next BigThings can’t repeat (somebody better tell Tom Brady!).

So the only thing we can do is continue to build something we think is great without worrying about being the new flavor of the day—or being seen at all. And if we 

ARE the new flavor of the day, know that it’s temporary, and have a plan to thrive after all the attention disappears.

(Hey, where’d everybody go?)

And that’s truly what we all have in common despite having different backgrounds and careers/jobs: attention comes and goes (or never arrives at all), and we must carry on regardless.

And that’s what Fine Art Miracles (FAM) is all about. FAM knows you must carry on helping your residents or loved ones overcome the stress, anxiety, and depression they experience from social isolation, regardless of whether anyone notices your hard work or not. And FAM can provide the tools to help you thrive! That’s right, it turns out creative expression connects the elderly, children with challenges, or anyone needing help with life’s daily tasks with feelings of confidence, self-worth, and joy, as well as the belief that they MATTER. In other words, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Dance & Movement Therapy, Art 2 Go Packages (and so much more) are the perfect antidote to social isolation. 

It’s funny how these things work: we may not be The Next Big Thing on any social media list, but we’re never alone.  Someone’s always got our back, we just don’t know it. 

But now you do! So what are you waiting for?,Give FAM a call or drop them a note, they’re happy to help! 

All in all, I’m glad I’m not in the spotlight, and I’ve found riches that matter more than good ol’ dough, scratch, cash, and Benjamins. I call it peace, quiet, and solitude. Which lasts for about five minutes, because then The Boss and the kid come home.


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