The Power of Return on Investment

By Patrick McNerthney 

The so-called “principle” behind investing is a misnomer.

Hear me out; I have two high school chums who work for large investment companies. I’m talking Merrill Lynch-type places here…stockbroking conglomerates. Caveat: In order to protect the innocent and for clarity’s sake I must state neither of said friends works for Merrill Lynch, nor are they technically “stockbrokers.”

But here’s the thing–they both love to gamble. As in Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, or anything that involves sitting at a table in a casino with drink in hand, surrounded by piles of cash. Wait, piles of poker chips? Well, piles of whatever, all over the place. Or I guess technically all over the table. (Sidebar, as you can see, I’m not a gambler, so I clearly have no idea how  it works. All I know is the few times I played Blackjack I was on a streak. Yep, about $50 every thirty seconds–lost).

(I “busted” every time.)

Now, the chums love gambling because they love how currency, wealth, and investing WORKS. And when you think about it, their investment jobs are really about GAMBLING–betting against what the stock market is going to do. They must get the kind of rush they feel when gambling..

However, these are wise, smart, and prudent men–conservative with money, whether their own, or their clients’. When it comes to their own cash, I know for a fact they both save a ton of it (not to mention they’re also REALLY GOOD at Blackjack. They win more than they lose, so these nutballs somehow MAKE MONEY playing the tables. And they certainly make money for their investment clients—otherwise they wouldn’t have 25+ years in the industry!). 

So if you’re wise, you don’t burn through your whole paycheck. You squirrel away a portion and put it into a savings account or investments. With me so far? Good. Now here’s the juice: this “principle” extends beyond paychecks.

Time is our most valuable commodity. 

We’re all allocated the same number of minutes in a day. When they’re gone, we can’t get them back, and we can’t make more.

(So where are you putting yours?)

Same goes for our energy and attention (a.k.a. the things that take up our limited time). So what would happen if we took a portion of our energy and attention and squirreled it away in a savings account, or better yet, INVESTED it in something that would give us a “return?”

My guess is no slogging around at work on empty gas tanks, no burn out, less confusion, decreased unhappiness, reduced stress. And, our EA (Energy/Attention) Investments could take many forms – yoga, meditation, walks in the sun, helping someone out for no apparent reason, volunteering, sculpting, skydiving, who knows? But whatever we choose, it starts with an investment mindset. It’s about deciding to put our EA Investments into something over time, watching it grow, and eventually, getting a return. 

So what’s your next investment? 

Fine Art Miracles (FAM) advises you to invest in creative expression. Why? Because with even a small investment, the returns are exciting and long lasting! The simple act of making delivers important returns to your residents and loved ones. Returns such as: 

  • visibility (everybody likes to be seen, and heard)
  • increased self-esteem
  • a sense of self-worth
  • heightened confidence
  • connection to the outside world
  • and a sense of mastery

All of which are vital components in achieving relief from the anxiety and depression your loved ones experience daily, from social isolation. 

So invest today in Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Dance & Movement Therapy, Multi-Sensory Sessions,Drama Therapy and Drumming & Exercise Therapy. Not only do they deliver robust returns for the elderly, children with challenges, and anyone needing assistance with daily living, but they deliver a huge return to YOU as well. Because you get to see the change in the people you care for, right in front of your eyes. And how often does that happen?

So what are you waiting for? Reach out today if you have any questions. FAM is happy to help!

Well now, I’ll see my high school pals this summer, which will be a blast. They’ll probably want to hang in a casino at least one afternoon. Don’t worry though, I have a plan. I’ll just get a drink at the bar. Even at $20 per beverage, it’s cheaper than Blackjack… And hey, that’s a type of investment, right? 


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