Too Much Advice

By Patrick McNerthney

You know what’s really annoying? The way this crazy world that swirls around us is chock-full of helpful tools, techniques, suggestions, and advice. I mean, at least my life is so jam packed with “things that make things better” that I frequently forget the problem I was trying to solve in the first place! 

For example, yesterday I received (officially, and totally randomly) 14 different writers to follow, spread throughout ONE EMAIL. Granted, it was a lengthy email (the names alone guaranteed that), and all the suggestions were curated, pertinent, important, and relevant. But by the time I got done clicking through the dang links I forgot why I was doing what I was doing in the first place, which was READING AN EMAIL.

(I bet 18 of these contain advice.)

Too late.  I already put my phone down, and walked away, started making dinner, then two hours later remembered I NEVER FINISHED THAT LINK-RIDDEN EMAIL. Which was too bad because I wanted to understand what the sender was actually saying.

Good grief. At this very moment I still haven’t gotten back to that email. 

This whole situation reminds me of a popular, granted somewhat overly official sounding motto, “Take what works for you. Leave the rest.”

Fine, but in order to that, there should be a universal rule enforced by some planet overlord we elect (I nominate me): you can have as many links in a message as you like, but only one can offer a tool, technique, suggestion, or piece of advice. That’s because all this stuff is only as useful as our ability to identify what works, and the only way to identify what truly works (despite what all the noise in the world clamoring for your attention would have you believe), is trial and error. 

(Sadly, this is the only way we learn. Oh well!)

Ok, rant done. Over to you. 

Your work as a caregiver for your residents and loved ones isn’t easy. There are tons of reasons why. If one of those reasons is because you struggle to help the elderly, children with challenges, or anyone needing help with life’s daily tasks overcome the anxiety and depression they still feel because of social isolation, I have that one piece of advice you’re looking for: check out Fine Art Miracles (FAM). (See? One advice link per email, it’s easy!)

FAM champions creative expression as the perfect tool (hey now, that’s not a LINK) to reconnect your residents and loved ones with their confidence, self-worth, sense of mastery, joy, confidence, and belief that they MATTER to their friends, family, and community. That means Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Art 2 Go Packages, Multi-Sensory Sessions, (and there’s even more) are your tickets to making positive change happen in their lives. Which, I’m pretty sure, is why you do what you do in the first place. 

Of course, the only way to understand if this works for you is by trial and error, so give FAM a call or drop them a note, TODAY, and they’ll explain how their services work, answer any questions you may have, and get you started. 

Well, that settles that. I must be honest, I’m really looking forward to relaxing after I open my email tonight and find some other issue to rant about. It’s how I roll.


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