Why Robots Matter

Okay, so there are some people who will argue that any automation is a kind of robot. I’ve heard our own Hugo robot proclaim:

“A Refrigerator is a robot that keeps things cold.

A Thermostat is a robot that keeps things warm.

A Thermos is a robot that keeps hot things hot and cold things cold.

A sweater keeps a human warm, but it is not a robot.”

Here at Fine Art Miracles, we don’t debate the definition of “robot” but we do champion the opinion that the Social Robot is the best robot of them all, when it comes to helping humans–any human–any time, day or night. And why is this?  It’s really quite simple, because the Social Robot exists to have relationships with Humans.  What could be better? We work with a gang of FAM robots (FAMbots)  that are able to connect with humans to offer companionship, solace, comfort, even learning opportunities for different ages, from Super-early Learners to Older Adults. Here are some examples:

Afterschool and Enrichment at The Bridge at Northview Heights:


And at The Carnegie Library of Homestead, one student loved Hugo so much, she just had to draw a robot of her own:

Love and Robots. It’s a natural combination here at Fine Art Miracles!



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