by Tess Lojacono

In the current milieu of fear and opportunity, people are having a hard time committing.  Commitment doesn’t mean saying yes and then adding in your head, “Unless something better comes along.”  It doesn’t mean promising to address issues of social justice and equity, and then reserving those efforts for only those who are easily visible, only the publicly scorned.


Lifting a community means finding ways to help ALL of it’s members–including those who are confined to institutions or who are isolated inside their homes, afraid to leave, And giving voice to those unheard must include those who are unheard and unseen–our beloved elderly who are so easily discarded–out of sight, and out of mind.

If you have the ability, no matter how busy you are, if you can stand and walk to your car, or pick up your phone and see well enough to use it, if you can think clearly enough to remember the names of those you know who are isolated and could absolutely benefit from the sound of your voice, please reach out.

Commit to one small act of kindness each week. The joy that you give will be yours in return.

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